Canidae 無穀物 Grain-Free 陸地成犬配方 - 新鮮美洲野牛4lb

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Canidae 無穀物北美野牛羊肉狗糧提供八成紅肉白肉、零穀物的多元化營養,絕不含動物內臟、副產品、化學防腐劑、維他命K3、人造色素及味精。



Canidae 無穀物 Grain-Free 陸地成犬配方 - 新鮮美洲野牛

CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE Land® Dog Dry Formula with Fresh Bison

CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE Land® Dog Dry Formula with Fresh Bison 為敏感的狗狗使用簡單的食譜。 選擇一種無穀物的有限成分的飲食可以幫助容易食物敏感的寵物。 較少的成分可能意味著敏感反應的機會較小。 這個配方是由7個關鍵成分,容易識別,加上所有的維生素和礦物質,正是你的狗所需要。

即使你的狗不是成分敏感的,他仍然會喜歡這種美味。 從各種配方中選擇新鮮肉類或魚類,配以紅薯,豌豆,扁豆或鷹嘴豆等成分,而不是玉米,小麥或大豆。 能餵給你的狗狗所有他渴望的美味和他需要的所有營養。

 CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE Land® Dog Dry Formula with Fresh Bison uses simple recipes for sensitive dogs. Choosing a grain free limited ingredient diet may help pets who experience food sensitivities. Less ingredients could mean less chance of sensitive reactions. This recipe is made with 7 key ingredients that are easily recognizable, plus all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

And even if your dog isn’t ingredient sensitive, he’ll still love the great taste. Choose from a variety of formulas made with fresh meat or fish first, paired with whole ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, or chickpeas—never corn, wheat or soy. Feed your dog all the great taste he craves and all the nutrition he needs.

Ingredients 成分

野牛肉,羊肉粉,紅薯,豌豆,鷹嘴豆,低芥酸菜籽油,防曬苜蓿,天然香料,礦物質(鐵蛋白鹽,蛋白鋅,蛋白銅,硫酸亞鐵,硫酸鋅,硫酸銅,碘化鉀, 硫酸錳,亞硒酸鈉),維生素(維生素E補充劑,硝酸硫胺,抗壞血酸,維生素A補充劑,生物素,菸酸,泛酸鈣,鹽酸吡哆醇,維生素B12補充劑,核黃素,維生素D3補充劑,葉酸) 混合生育酚(防腐劑),乾燥的屎腸球菌發酵物,乾燥的嗜酸乳桿菌發酵物,乾燥的干酪乳酸菌發酵物,乾燥的乳酸菌發酵物,乾燥的長枝木黴發酵物

Bison, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, peas, chickpeas, canola oil, suncured alfalfa, natural flavor, minerals (iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite), vitamins (vitamin E supplement, thiamine mononitrate, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin, vitamin D3 supplement, folic acid), choline chloride, mixed tocopherols (a preservative), dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried trichoderma longibrachiatum fermentation extractt.


Protein 蛋白質 (最少)25.0%
Fat 脂肪 (最少)15.0%
Fiber 纖維 (最多)4.0%
Moisture 水份 (最多)10.0%
Vitamin E (最少)50 IU/kg
Omega 3 (最少)0.4%
Omega 6 (最少)3.25%
Lactobacillus acidophilus**嗜乳酸桿菌 (最少)100 million CFU / lb
Cellulase水解纖維酵素 (最少)100 CMCU / kg

熱量:ME (kcal/kg) 3,710,ME (kcal/g) 3.71,ME (kcal/lb) 1,686,ME (kcal/cup) 474

Directions for Use 使用方法

Dog WeightAdult(with exercise)Adult(reduced activity)
2—10 lbs.
.9—4.5 kg
1/2—3/4 cup
64—96 grams
1/4—1/2 cup
32—64 grams
10—25 lbs.
4.5—11.3 kg
3/4—1 cup
96—128 grams
1/2—3/4 cup
64—96 grams
25—50 lbs.
11.3—22.7 kg
1—2 cups
128—256 grams
3/4—1 cup
96—128 grams
50—75 lbs.
22.7—34.1 kg
2—3 cups
256—384 grams
1—1-1/2 cups
128—192 grams
75—100 lbs.
34.1—45.4 kg
3—4 cups
384—512 grams
1-1/2—2-1/2 cups
192—320 grams
100—125 lbs.
45.4—58.7 kg
4—4-3/4 cups
512—608 grams
2-1/2—3 cups
320—384 grams
125—150 lbs.
58.7—68 kg
4 3/4—5-1/2 cups
608—704 grams
3—3-1/2 cups
384—488 grams

1.Best seller
Flavour 味道Bison 野牛, Chickpeas 鷹嘴豆, Lamb 羊肉, Pea 豌豆, Vegetable 蔬菜
Special Diet 飲食配方Anti-allergy 抗敏
Pet Type 寵物類型Adult Dog 成年犬
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