Bayer Drontal Plus 杜蟲丸 (犬用) 1粒裝

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Bayer Plus 杜蟲丸專為驅除狗狗身上的寄生蟲,驅蟲範圍最廣的服用性驅蟲藥。

Bayer 杜蟲丸專為驅除狗狗身上的寄生蟲,驅蟲範圍最廣的服用性驅蟲藥,僅食一次,即可對抗所有寄生蟲,有效對付以下的寄生蟲:

1) 蛔蟲 - 大弓蛔蟲  常見於成犬或發育中的幼犬
2) 鉤蟲 - 鉤蟲病、犬鉤口線蟲  常見於成犬
3) 鞭蟲 - 便蟲病  常見於成犬
4) 絛蟲 - 細粒棘球絛蟲病、帶絛蟲屬病、复孔絛蟲病 常見於成犬或發育中的幼犬

只需服用一次即可驅除體內蛔蟲、鉤蟲、鞭蟲、絛蟲等多種寄生蟲,成犬每 3 個月驅蟲一次,效果極佳,而且安全性高,即使懷孕母犬亦可放心服用!

** 請依照獸醫師指示使用!

The Bayer  Duck Pill is designed to repel the dog's parasites and deworming the most widely used insect repellent and fight against all parasites just once, effectively against the following parasites:

1) Roundworms - Big Bow Ascaris is common in adult or developing puppies
2) hookworm - hookworm disease, canis hook canker common in adult dogs
3) whipworm - stool disease is common in adult dogs
4) tapeworm - Echinococcus granulosus, tapeworms is a disease, double-taeniasis is common in adult dogs or developing puppies

Just take once to get rid of the body of roundworms, hookworms, whipworm, tapeworm and other parasites, adult dogs once every 3 months deworming, the effect is excellent, and high safety, even pregnant bitches can be assured to take!

** Please follow the veterinarian's instructions!


Ingredients 成

每粒含 50mg Praziquantel 


Directions for Use 使用方


建議以體重每 1 kg 服用 5ml,即相等於每 10kg 就需要服用 1 粒 Bayer 杜蟲丸。

Can be directly swallowed, can also be wrapped in meat or food, taken in the daily diet.

It is recommended that you take 5ml per 1 kg of body weight, which equals 1 pill of Bayer  for every 10kg.

體重(KG) 每天食量(錠)
0.5-2KG 1/4錠
2-5KG 1/2錠
5-10KG 1錠
10-20KG 2錠
20-30KG 3錠
30-40KG 4錠

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產品名稱 Bayer Drontal Plus 杜蟲丸 (犬用) 1粒裝
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