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Cat it 牆角自動抓毛器 (藍色,灰色)

Cat it 牆角自動抓毛器讓貓貓更自在地梳理及按摩全身毛髮,更可在梳毛的同時帶走皮屑及暗藏的寄生蟲,一物兩用。

對於愛美的貓貓,每天都會嚴謹地梳理自己的毛髮,但卻不是每個部位都能完美地梳理到。有了這個 Cat it 牆角自動抓毛器,只需安裝到家中的某個牆角上,貓貓就可進行全身的按摩兼梳毛。

Cat it 牆角自動抓毛器除了可讓貓貓更自在地梳理及按摩全身毛髮外,更可在梳毛的同時帶走貓貓身上的皮屑及暗藏的寄生蟲,一物兩用。

Cat it 牆角自動抓毛器附有一小包貓草,可裝填入抓毛器邊邊上的小盒內,讓貓貓更享受抓癢及梳毛的時刻。

13cm (長) X 9cm (闊)

For beautiful cats, every day will be carefully comb their hair, but not every part of the perfect comb. With this Cat it corner automatic grasper, cats can have full-body massage and combing just by attaching to a corner of the house.

In addition to allowing cats to comb and massage whole body hair more freely, Cat it can also remove the dander and hidden parasites of cats while combing them.

The Cat it corner automatic grasper comes with a small pack of cat grass that fits inside a small box on the edge of the grasper to give the cat more time to scratch and comb.

Product Specifications:
13cm (length) X 9cm (width)

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產品名稱 Cat it 牆角自動抓毛器 (藍色,灰色)
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