Dr. Pet 純正野生冰島三文魚油 473ml

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Dr. Pet 純正野生冰島三文魚油選用冰島的野生三文魚,蘊含豐富的 Omega 3 及 6,天然健康、效果絕佳的美毛產品。



Dr. Pet 純正野生冰島三文魚油


  1. 服用2星期後,令毛色光滑潤澤
  2. 天然美毛產品,不含激素及荷爾蒙
  3. 對抗因過敏及環境引起的脫毛、皮膚炎、紅疹、乾燥等問題,促進心臟保持健康
  4. 有助改善視力,抑制視力減退,及預防白內障
  5. 保持關節健康,避免磨損,有效改善關節毛病

Extracted from wild salmon in Iceland, enriched with Omega 3, provides balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 for modern feeding patterns and filters harmful substances without producing trans fats through patented cryogenic extraction

  1. After taking 2 weeks, make coat color smooth and moist
  2. Natural beauty products, excluding hormones and hormones
  3. Fight against hair follicles, dermatitis, rashes, dryness and other issues caused by allergies and the environment, and promote the heart to maintain health
  4. Helps to improve vision, curb vision loss and prevent cataracts
  5. Maintain joint health, avoid wear, effectively improve joint problems


Ingredients 成

每 1 茶匙含有:
亞麻油酸 (71mg)、維他命 E (2.5IU)、Omega 3 (942mg)、EPA (404mg)、DHA (414mg)

Every 1 teaspoon contains:
Linoleic acid (71 mg), vitamin E (2.5 IU), Omega 3 (942 mg), EPA (404 mg), DHA (414 mg)


Directions for Use 使用方

重量(lbs份量( teaspoon
14磅以下1/2茶匙 (泵1次)
15-29磅1茶匙 (泵1-2次)
30-54磅1 1/2茶匙 (泵2-3次)
55-79磅2茶匙 (泵3-4次)
80磅以上2 1/2茶匙 (泵4-5次)
  • 每天服用,如貓犬出現消化系統過敏問題,首星期每天服用量減半,讓貓犬腸胃適應。
  • Take daily, such as cats and dogs with digestive system allergies, daily intake of the first week halved, so that dogs and cats adapt to the stomach.


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