Groomer's Goop 亮麗 護毛素 (16oz,1加侖 附唧筒)

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Quick Overview

Groomer's Goop 系列產品專為貓貓狗狗而設 ( 參展者最愛使用 ),強力去除披毛過多的油份、污垢、焦油,尤其是下巴、睪丸及尾部位置的黑頭、粉剌。



製造商美國 Critzas Industries Inc. 早於 1949 年便推出 Goop 的首個無毒性、生物降解配方產品,至今仍是美國家居必備產品。

Groomer's Goop 系列產品專為貓貓狗狗而設 ( 參展者最愛使用 ),強力去除皮毛過多的油份、污垢、焦油,尤其是下巴、睪丸及尾部位置的黑頭、粉剌。

而 Groomer's Goop 去油乳霜更弛名於針對去除油脂、黑頭、粉剌等難題。配方包含甘油、羊毛脂、維他命E及蘆薈,不含毒牲且可生物降解,絕對符合環保原則,對護理皮膚尤其重要。

Manufacturer United States Critzas Industries Inc as early as 1949, introduced Goop's first non-toxic, biodegradable formula, which is still essential for home use today.

The Groomer's Goop collection is designed for dogs and cats (favorite for use by exhibitors) to remove excess oil, dirt and tar from the fur, especially blackheads and acne on the chin, pelvis and tail.

But Groomer's Goop oil cream is even more famous for the removal of grease, blackheads, pink assassination and other problems. Formulated with glycerin, lanolin, vitamin E and aloe vera, it is non-toxic and biodegradable and is absolutely eco-friendly. It is especially important for skin care.


Directions for Use 使用方

於洗澡前,將適量 Groomer's Goop 去油乳霜塗於寵物披毛根部 (特別係油脂分泌特別旺盛的位置),按摩後會自動溶解,效果奇佳。然後,再以沖涼液洗澡,披毛便會回復乾淨及清爽飄逸,對清潔和美白下巴、尾部、耳後或腳掌等難洗位置尤其有幫助,甚至可清除香口膠、焦油等頑固污洂。

1. 把 Groomer's Goop Creme 塗抹在貓咪乾毛上

2. 輕輕按摩搓揉至毛髮根部,特別是油脂積聚較多位置,如胸毛耳背尾巴等

3. 等待 5 - 10 分鐘讓 Groomer's Goop Creme 滲透頑固油脂

4. 使用温水冲洗乾淨

5. 用 Groomer's Goop 亮麗潔毛液幫貓咪冲涼,最後用 Groomer's Goop 護毛素可保持披毛柔軟

6. 冲水洗清後就靚靚啦

Before bathing, apply the appropriate amount of Groomer's Goop Anti-Wrinkle Cream to the top of the pet's coat (especially if the oil secretion is particularly strong). After massage, it will dissolve automatically. Then, take a bath with a shower gel, the coat will be clean and refreshing. It will be especially helpful for cleaning and whitening the chin, tail, back of the ears or feet and other hard-to-wash locations. It may even remove stubborn dirt such as chewing gum and tar.

1. Apply Groomer's Goop Creme to cat coat 

2. Gently massage rub to the hair roots, especially the accumulation of more grease, such as chest hair, ears and tail

3.Wait 5 - 10 minutes for Groomer's Goop Creme to infiltrate stubborn fat

4. Rinse with warm water

5. Cool the kitten with Groomer's Goop Cleansing Fluid and finally keep the fur soft with Groomer's Goop

6. After washing is beautiful

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