NAS Organic Seaweed 天然有機海藻粉 300g

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我們找到了營養豐富的海藻補充品之一,這些營養豐富的海藻補充品中含有高量的微量礦物碘,並從 King Island, Tasmania的純淨海灘採集。海藻富含維生素A,B,C,E,微量元素鐵,鉀,鎂,磷,鈣,硒,碘,銅,鈷,硫,硼等多種營養成分,經濟的多維生素補充劑。

  1. 經濟多維生素補充
  2. 提供必需的碘
  3. 保持甲狀腺健康
  4. 富含多種營養素
  5. NASAA認證的有機物
  6. 100%純海藻
  7. 不含填料,顏色和香味增強劑
  8. 適用於貓,狗,馬,以及牲畜;羊,山羊,牛,雞和豬

Nutritional deficiencies are still a common occurrence in companion animals, despite the claim by many pet foods that their diets are “complete”. Since iodine is the foundation block for maintaining metabolism and thyroid health, it’s important to ensure that your pet is receiving an adequate intake of bio-available iodine.
We have sourced one of the most nutrient rich seaweed supplements available that is high in the trace mineral iodine, and collected from the pristine beaches of King Island, Tasmania. Seaweed is rich in many nutrients including Vitamin A, B complex, C, E and trace minerals iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, iodine, copper, cobalt, sulphur and boron, also making it ideal for use as an extremely economical multi-vitamin supplement.

  1. Economical multi-vitamin supplement
  2. Provides essential iodine
  3. Maintain Thyroid health
  4. Rich in multi-nutrients
  5. NASAA certified organic
  6. 100% pure seaweed
  7. Free from fillers, colours and flavour enhancers
  8. Suitable for cat’s, dog’s, horses, as well as livestock; sheep, goats, cattle, chickens and pigs


Ingredients 成


Organic seaweed


Directions for Use 使用方

SizeWeightSerrves per dayServing size rangeMaintenance Serve
Small Dog5-20kg11/8scoop1/8scoop
Medium Dog20-40kg11/4scoop1/4scoop
Largr Dog40kg+11/2scoop1/2scoop

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