Urine-OFF 解尿劑 (貓用) 噴頭裝 500ml

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Urine-OFF 解尿劑乃目前市面上唯一針對去除貓狗尿臭之產品,能有效去除尿素、尿色素。




Urine-OFF 解尿劑乃目前市面上唯一針對去除貓狗尿臭之產品,能針對尿的成分,對症下藥,利用生化酶來分解尿酸中的鹽晶,去除尿素、尿色素,辟除尿漬及臭味,並預防寵物疾受細菌感染。

Urine-OFF 解尿劑除了可去除遺留的新舊污漬,還能去除地毯、瓷磚、地板等多種表面的各種有機污漬。



The yellow uric acid salt crystals left by the urine stain will not only cause yellowing and smelling of the urine stain, but also breed bacteria and affect the health of pets and their families. The general cleaning agent can only clean the surface of the stain, and did not really the chemical decomposition of them, failed to completely remove urine stains.

Urine-OFF Urethrotics is the only product on the market that is designed to remove cats and dogs urinate. It can be used against urinary constituents and relieved the symptoms. Biochemical enzymes are used to decompose salt crystals in uric acid, to remove urea, urinary pigment, Smell, and prevent pets from bacterial infection.

Urine-OFF urine remover can remove the old and new stains left over, but also remove a variety of organic stains on the surface of the carpet, tiles, floors and so on.

And safe, non-toxic, can be used at home or spray directly on the pet body.

Origin: United States

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