Almo Nature Jelly 龍蝦+吞拿魚柳 濕貓糧 55g

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Quick Overview

Almo Nature Jelly 吞拿魚柳+龍蝦啫喱 濕貓糧,100% 純天然成分,富含天然維生素蛋白質。



Almo Nature Jelly 吞拿魚柳+龍蝦 濕貓糧

Almo Nature Jelly Tuna Fillet & Lobster Wet Cat Food

  1. 100% 純天然成分
  2. 富含天然維生素蛋白質
  3. 濕糧的營養優勢:天然水分補給及富含營養成分
  4. Jelly 配方:天然植物膠幫助去除貓隻每日規律清潔產生的毛球
  5. 無添加化學物質、防腐劑及人工色素


*Almo nature 配方食材,生鮮肉類及米飯,均選自人類可食等級食材

  1. 100% pure ingredients.
  2. Naturally rich in vitamins and proteins.
  3. All the benefits of natural wet food: natural hydration and noble nutrients.
  4. Recipes in Jelly: the natural gelatine helps the cat get rid of hairballs that he might ingest during daily cleaning routine.
  5. Free from chemical additives, preservatives, palatants or colorants.

*Almo Nature chooses to use as pet food in this recipe, meats and rice that originally came from human food chain.


Ingredients 成分

Tuna Fillet吞拿魚柳55%, Tuna Broth吞享魚湯汁,Rice米飯1.3%,Lobster能蝦4%,Parsley 西洋芹0.02%.


Raw Protein 蛋白質 14.5%
Raw Fat 脂肪 0.1%
Raw Fibre 纖維素 1.0%
Raw Ash 灰質 2.0%
Moisture 水份 82.4%

Energy 熱量: 615 Kcal/Kg

1.Best seller
Flavour 味道Prawn 蝦, Rice 米飯, Tuna 吞拿魚, Vegetable 蔬菜
Special Diet 飲食配方Increase Immunity 提高免疫力
Pet Type 寵物類型All Life Stages Cat 全年齡貓
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