Bayer Drontal Plus 杜蟲丸 (貓用) 1粒裝

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Quick Overview

Bayer 杜蟲丸是專為驅除貓貓身上的寄生蟲而研製,乃驅蟲範圍最廣的服用性驅蟲藥。



Bayer 杜蟲丸是專為驅除貓貓身上的寄生蟲而研製,乃驅蟲範圍最廣的服用性驅蟲藥。

Bayer 杜蟲丸含有的 2 種活性成分:Praziquantel 及 Pyrantel Embonate,是用來麻痹寄生蟲的神經,然後再破壞其新陳代謝導致死亡,最後經貓貓的排泄物自然排出體外。

經臨床實驗證明,Bayer 杜蟲丸能有效消除貓貓體內多種寄生蟲達 95% 以上。

只需服用一次即可驅除體內蛔蟲、鉤蟲、鞭蟲、絛蟲等多種寄生蟲,貓貓每 3 個月驅蟲一次,效果極佳,而且安全性高,能杜絕寄生蟲的再次入侵!

Bayer Teeth Pill is designed to get rid of the cats on the parasite developed, but the most widely used insecticide detoxification drugs.

Bayer  contains two active ingredients: Praziquantel and Pyrantel Embonate, which are used to paralyze the nerves of parasites and then destroy their metabolism leading to death, and finally excreted naturally by cat's excrement.

Clinical trials have shown that can effectively eliminate more than 95% of various parasites in cats.

Just take once to get rid of the body of roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, tapeworm and other parasites, cat every 3 months deworming once, the effect is excellent, but also safe, to prevent the re-invasion of parasites!


Ingredients 成

每粒含有 20mg Praziquantel 及 230ml Pyrantel Embonate


Directions for Use 使用方

以體重每 4kg 計算,就需要服用 1 粒 Bayer 杜蟲丸。

** 謹記餵食藥物前,先清洗雙手,以免藥物被沾上其他細菌或寄生蟲。

Taking amount:
To calculate the weight per 4kg, you need to take a Cat feces pill.

** Remember to wash your hands before feeding the medicine to prevent it from being contaminated with other bacteria or parasites.

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