Dr. Pet 蘆薈茶樹油 洗耳液 118ml

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Dr. Pet 蘆薈茶樹油洗耳液能有效除臭、去除耳垢,並有抗炎止癢的功效。



Dr. Pet 純天然護理系列,蘊含 100% 純天然的植物精華,而且由種植、收穫、儲存至製作過程都經過嚴格的質量控制,致力為你的寵物鞏固健康,提供最天然的保護。

  1. Dr. Pet 蘆薈茶樹油洗耳液能有效除臭、去除耳垢,並有抗炎止癢的功效。
  2. Dr. Pet 蘆薈茶樹油洗耳液乃全天然配方,性質溫和、不刺激,可長期使用。


With a 100% natural plant extract, Dr. Pet's Pure Natural Care Collection is rigorously controlled from planting, harvesting and storage to the production process and is committed to providing the most natural protection for your pet.

  1. Dr. Pet aloe tea tree oil ear wash can effectively deodorant, remove the ear wax, and anti-inflammatory anti-itching effect.
  2. Dr. Pet aloe tea tree oil ear wash is all-natural formula, mild, non-irritating, long-term use.

Tea tree oil ---- antibacterial, soothing, repair inflamed inflamed skin
Aloe Vera ---- sterilization, itching, moisturizing the inner ear skin
Witch hazel - Nourish, convergence, prompting wound healing inside and outside the ear
Echinacea ---- inhibit disease replication, enhance immunity
Glycerin ---- absorb the ear oil grease, remove the ear wax


Ingredients 成分

金縷梅,去離子水,甘油,硼酸,茶樹油,聚山梨醇酯 80,紫錐菊,天然色素,蘆薈,爽身粉香料

Witch hazel, deionized water, glycerin, boric acid, tea tree oil, polysorbate 80, echinacea, natural pigment, aloe, talcum powder


Directions for Use 使用方法

將 Dr. Pet 洗耳液滴入寵物的耳道內,直至灌滿耳道;以手指輕柔地按摩耳根附近至外耳道的部分,以助溶解耳垢;最後,滴入數滴至紗布或綿花上,擦拭耳罩及耳朵外部。

** 切勿以棉花棒插入耳道內清潔,以免將耳垢往內堆造成耳道內倒塞。
** 建議每星期使用一次,宜於沐浴、游泳後使用。

Drop your Dr. Pet Wash ear solution into your pet's ear canal until it fills your ear canal. Gently massage your finger to the part of your external auditory meatus to help dissolve the ear wax. Finally, drop a few drops onto the gauze or cotton flower, Wipe the earmuffs and ears outside.

** Do not use a cotton swab inserted into the ear canal cleaning, so as not to cause the earwax pile inward earplugs.
** Recommended once a week, should be used in bathing, swimming.


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