Dr. Pet 淚痕配方 30g

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Dr. Pet 淚痕配方能有效清除並預防難看的淚痕,根治早期形成的淚痕,而且具有潤滑黏膜的功效,讓寵物的眼睛時刻保持健康明亮。



Dr. Pet 純天然護理系列,蘊含 100% 純天然的植物精華,而且由種植、收穫、儲存至製作過程都經過嚴格的質量控制,致力為你的寵物鞏固健康,提供最天然的保護。

  1. 預防淚痕及根治早期形成的淚痕
  2. 天然殺菌成份,絕無抗生素
  3. 增強免疫系統
  4. 清除難看的淚痕,讓寵物眼睛保持健康漂亮
  5. 潤滑黏膜
  6. 89%使用者証實 使用後3-4星期有顯著效果


      With a 100% natural plant extract, Dr. Pet's Pure Natural Care Collection is rigorously controlled from planting, harvesting and storage to the production process and is committed to providing the most natural protection for your pet.

      1. Prevent tears and cure the early formation of tears
      2. Natural bactericidal ingredients, no antibiotics
      3. Enhance the immune system
      4. Remove ugly tears and keep your pet's eyes healthy and beautiful
      5. Lubricate the mucous membrane
      6. 89% of users confirmed that 3-4 weeks after use had a significant effect

      Cranberries ---- against bacteria, fungi and Candida albicans, so that bacteria are difficult to breed
      Marshmallow root ---- with lubricating mucosa and anti-inflammatory effect
      Oregon grape roots ---- natural antibacterial agents, containing alkaloids berberine, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant
      Vitamin C ---- help to balance the body pH value of cats and dogs to prevent yeast infection, treatment of tears from the inside out


        Ingredients 成分

        每 1/4 茶匙含有:
        小紅莓 (105mg)、維他命 C (34mg)、俄勒岡州葡萄根 (34mg)、藥蜀葵根 (23mg)

        Every 1/4 teaspoon contains:
        Cranberry (105 mg), vitamin C (34 mg), Oregon grape root (34 mg), marshmallow root (23 mg)


        Directions for Use 使用方法

        體重(lb)                             每天食量 (茶匙)
        15 lb 以下                                 1/4 茶匙
        16-50 lb                                    1/2 茶匙
        51 lb 以上                                   1 茶匙

        根據以上建議份量每天使用一次,將 Dr. Pet 淚痕配方粉末噴灑在寵物的食物上即可。

        淚痕消褪後,再連續使用 30 天,持續服用直至淚痕情況完全改善。

        ** 使用 30 天之後可停止服用或於有需要時再使用。
        ** 若服用 30 天後,淚痕仍沒有明顯改善,建議雙倍劑量並再連續使用 30 天。

        According to the suggestion, the amount is used once a day, and the Dr. Pet tear powder formula is sprayed on the pet food.

        After the tear faded, continue to use for 30 days, continue to take until the tear situation is completely improved.

        * * can be discontinued after 30 days of use or used again when necessary.
        After 30 days, the tear stains still don't improve obviously. It is recommended to double dose and continue to use for 30 days.


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