Dr. Pet 抗菌眼藥水 50ml

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Dr. Pet 抗菌眼藥水,有效消炎抗菌、止痕;針對細菌感染的眼疾,如角膜炎和結膜炎的成因,舒緩因淚水分泌不足引致毛病



Dr. Pet 純天然護理系列,蘊含 100% 純天然的植物精華,而且由種植、收穫、儲存至製作過程都經過嚴格的質量控制,致力為你的寵物鞏固健康,提供最天然的保護。

  1. 消炎抗菌、止痕
  2. 針對細菌感染的眼疾,如角膜炎和結膜炎的成因
  3. 舒緩因淚水分泌不足引致毛病



    With a 100% natural plant extract, Dr. Pet's Pure Natural Care Collection is rigorously controlled from planting, harvesting and storage to the production process and is committed to providing the most natural protection for your pet.

    1. Anti-inflammatory antibacterial, stop marks
    2. Eye diseases targeted for bacterial infections, such as causes of keratitis and conjunctivitis
    3. Soothing due to lack of secretion of tears cause problems

    German chamomile ---- bactericidal, inhibit inflammation and protect the ocular mucosa

    Millet grass ---- natural eye supplements, anti-allergy, soothing dry eyes and itchy symptoms


      Ingredients 成分

      水, 磷酸氫二鈉, 氯化鈉, 乙二胺四乙酸鈉, 德國洋甘菊, 小米草, 聚氨丙基雙胍

      Water, disodium hydrogenphosphate, sodium chloride, sodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate, chamomile, milletgrass, polyaminopropyl biguanide


      Directions for Use 使用方法

      1. 眼睛各滴入2-3滴DR.pet抗菌眼藥水,建議每天使用,有助減少眼睛內的致敏性花粉及塵埃。
      2. 直接滴入眼睛便可。避免眼睛觸及滴頭,以免滋生細菌。
      3. 注意: 開封後,需在60天內使用
      1. Drop in each eye 2-3 drops of DR.pet antibacterial eye drops, it is recommended daily use, help to reduce the sensitization of pollen and dust in the eyes.
      2. Drop directly into your eyes. Avoid touching the dripper to avoid bacteria growth.
      3. Note: After opening, it needs to be used within 60 days


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