*Fish4Dogs 海洋之星 三文魚無麩質低敏配方(大粒) 1.5kg

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Fish4Dogs 海洋之星 三文魚無麩質低敏成犬糧,採用魚肉作為單一的蛋白質來源,含有豐富天然 Omega 3、DHA 及 EPA。



Fish4Dogs 海洋之星 三文魚無麩質低敏配方 成犬大粒

Fish4Dogs 海洋之星系列狗糧主要以挪威三文魚、鯡魚及馬鈴薯配製而成,其魚肉含量最高,而且不添加任何調味料、添加劑、防腐劑、味精及人工色素,保證 100% 天然。

此無穀物配方可保證低敏感度,並採用魚肉作為單一的蛋白質來源,含有豐富天然 Omega 3、DHA 及 EPA,有效改善慢性腸胃病、腹瀉、便秘等問題,同時改善皮膚及毛髮健康、強化心臟功能及舒緩關節痛,防止過重的情況出現。

  1. 我們的三文魚中含有高水平的海洋生物Omega 3,使其成為毛髮,皮膚健康和關節活動的理想產品。魚類易消化的蛋白質也有利於消化。
  2. Fish4Dogs食品不含穀物,使用馬鈴薯和豌豆作為碳水化合物,提供具有平衡GI的食物,並且不太可能引起飲食敏感。
  3. 高水平的歐米伽3也有利於繁殖母狗,並將歐米茄油傳給未出生的小狗。
  1. The high levels of marine sourced Omega 3 in our Salmon makes this an ideal product for coat and skin health and joint mobility. The easily digestible proteins from fish are also good for the digestion.
  2. Fish4Dogs foods are grain free and use potato and pea as the carbohydrate providing a food that has a balanced GI and one that is less likely to cause dietary sensitivity.
  3. High levels of Omega 3 are also beneficial for breeding bitches with benefits of omega oils being passed onto the unborn puppy.

Ingredients 成分


Salmon (27%), Potato (21%), Pea Flour (20%), Salmon Meal (11.9%), Salmon Oil (9.7%), Beet Pulp, Brewers Yeast , Sunflower Oil, Minerals


Crude Protein 粗蛋白質(min)26.0%
Crude Fat 粗脂肪(min)12.0%
Crude Fiber 粗纖維2.5%
Crude Ash 粗灰質7.5%
Omega 31.9%

維生素:維生素A 22,500 IU,維生素D3 1,800 IU,維生素E 700 IU 


Additives (Per Kg):
Vitamins: Vitamin A 22,500 IU, Vitamin D3 1,800 IU, Vitamin E 700 IU

Trace Elements: 
Zinc Chelate Of Amino Acid Hydrate 600mg, Copper Chelate Of Amino Acid Hydrate 30mg, Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 2.5mg. Antioxidants (Stabilised With Rosemary And Tocopherol-rich Extracts

Directions for Use 使用方法

1 - 15 kg35 - 205 g
16 - 35 kg205 - 365 g
35 - 100 kg365 -730 g


1.Best seller
Flavour 味道Pea 豌豆, Potato 馬鈴薯, Salmon 三文魚, Sunflower Oil 太陽花籽油, Salmon Oil 三文魚油
Special Diet 飲食配方Heart Healthy 心臟血管, Improve Excretion 改善便臭, Sensitive stomach 敏感腸胃, Skin Care 皮毛護理, Stomach Health 腸胃健康
Pet Type 寵物類型All Life Stages Dog 全年齡犬
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