Flexicose Liquid Jointcare 關節救星 8oz

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Flexicose 關節救星經醫學報告證實吸收率高達 98% ( 粉狀或丸劑狀的吸收率僅得 10 - 20% )。



Flexicose 關節救星含 500 mg 葡萄糖胺液體,經醫學報告證實此高濃度配方比其他粉狀或丸劑狀的關節補給品,吸收率高達 98% ( 粉狀或丸劑狀的吸收率僅得 10 - 20% )。

Flexicose 關節救星除了可幫助製造 Chondrocytes 酵素以增加關節柔韌性外,更蘊含大量 Proteoglycans,有效維持軟骨再生。而且,成分中的 MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 能更快速有效地舒緩關節炎惡化及疼痛的情況。

而 Flexicose 關節救星絕不含各種有害物質,如 Rimadyl、NSAIDs、Glucosamine KCI 以及致命成分 COX-2,主人大可放心讓寵物服用。

** 瓶身己有量度,方便使用。

 Flexicose joint savior contains 500 mg of glucosamine fluid and has been reported in medical reports to have a high absorption rate of up to 98% compared to other powdered or pelvic articular supplements (powdered or pelvic absorption only 10 - 20 %).

In addition to helping to create chondrocyte enzymes to increase joint flexibility, Flexicose joint savior contains a large number of Proteoglycans that effectively maintain cartilage regeneration. Moreover, the ingredients in the MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) can more quickly and effectively relieve the deterioration of arthritis and pain.

The Flexicose joint savior does not contain a variety of harmful substances, such as Rimadyl, NSAIDs, glucosamine KCI and the deadly ingredient COX-2, the owner can rest assured that pets.

** Bottle has been measured, easy to use.


Ingredients 成

卡路里10,總碳水化合物3克,維生素A 1250IU,糖1克,維生素C 15毫克,維生素E 7.5IU,錳0.7毫克,氨基葡萄糖HCL和硫酸鹽1500毫克,硫酸軟骨素120毫克,柔韌複合物:蘆薈凝膠1600毫克,MSM,歐米加3脂肪酸 山梨酸,煙酰胺,絲蘭根,菠蘿蛋白酶,乳香樹脂提取物,純淨水,果糖,天然和人造香料,聚山梨酸酯80,酒石酸,焦糖色素,山梨酸鉀,苯甲酸鈉,黃原膠,乙酰磺胺酸鉀1。

Serving size :1/2tablespoon or 1/4 fl oz (7.5ml)
Serving per container:32
Calories 10, total carbohydrates 3g,vitamin A 1250IU,sugar 1g,vitamin C 15mg,vitamin E 7.5IU,manganese 0.7mg,glucosamine HCL and sulfate 1500mg,chondroitin sulfate 120mg,flexibility complex:aloe vera gel 1600mg, MSM, omega 3 fatty acids, niacinamide,yucca root,bromelain,boswellia serrate resin extract,purified water,fructose,natural and artificial flavors,polysorbate 80,tartaric acid,caramel color,potassium sorbate,sodium benzoate,xanthan gum,acesulfame potassium,sucralose and FD&C blue#1.


Directions for Use 使用方

體重(lb)每天食量 (ml) / (teaspoon)
0 - 10 lb1 ml / 0.2 茶匙
11 - 40 lb2 ml / 0.4 茶匙
41 - 100 lb3.5 ml / 0.75 茶匙
100 lb 以上7.5 ml / 1.5 茶匙


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