NAS Herbal Shampoo Sensitive草本低敏洗髮露 375ml

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NAS Herbal Shampoo Sensitive天然抗敏洗毛液 375ml




請注意:由於Herbal Shampoo Sensitive獨特的配方,只需要少量的配方,因為它會產生低泡沫,易於清洗。

Herbal Shampoo Sensitive適合幼犬,小貓或帶有嬌嫩肌膚的寵物,所以如果您想要一款已經開發出來的洗髮水深層清潔和滋養皮膚和外衣而不含有害成分,那麼Herbal Shampoo Sensitive是最佳選擇。

  1. 由護膚專家開發
  2. 不含硫酸鹽,化學,顏色,paraben和香水
  3. 2合1清潔劑和護髮素
  4. 非常適合小狗,小貓或有嬌嫩皮膚的寵物
  5. 包含特別挑選的低刺激性成分
  6. 清除毛髮而不剝落珍貴的油
  7. 適合所有膚質

Many popular brands of shampoo clean your pet’s skin and coat but leave them itching and scratching afterwards. Commercial shampoo’s can also irritate or strip precious oils from your pet’s delicate skin and coat, leaving them in poor condition.

Herbal Shampoo Sensitive is quite different, and far from a commercial shampoo. It has been developed by our skincare specialists to provide a unique solution for washing your pet when they have delicate skin. We have replaced the traditional shampoo base with a handmade 100% Olive oil base that provides a deep and nourishing clean without stripping those precious oils.

Specially selected low irritant ingredients are then added to the base to create a luxurious shampoo that gently cleans, leaving their coat clean, moisturised and healthy.

Please note: due to Herbal Shampoo Sensitive’s unique formulation, only small amounts are required as it will create a low foaming lather that rinses out easily.

Herbal Shampoo Sensitive is ideal for puppies, kittens or pets with delicate skin, so if you want a shampoo that has been developed to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin and coat without containing harmful ingredients then Herbal Shampoo Sensitive is the perfect choice.

  1. Developed by skincare specialists
  2. Sulphate, chemical, colour, paraben and perfume free
  3. 2 in 1 cleanser and conditioner
  4. Ideal for puppies, kittens or pets with delicate skin
  5. Contains specially selected low irritant ingredients
  6. Cleans the coat without stripping precious oils
  7. Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients 成


Purified water,Olive oil,Coconut oil,Jojoba oil,Chamomile,Calendula,Chickweed,Comfrey,Lavender,Rosemary extract,Potassium salts,Chamomile


Directions for Use 使用方

  1. 用溫水徹底弄濕他們的毛髮
  2. 將少量中草藥洗髮露塗抹在皮毛上,輕輕按摩至皮膚
  3. 根據需要添加更多的草藥洗髮水
  4. 給他們一個非常好的整體按摩,讓草藥洗髮水敏感滋養皮膚
  5. 徹底清洗
  6. 必要時重複
  7. 用新鮮的毛巾擦乾


請注意:Herbal Shampoo Sensitive是一種獨特的配方,與大多數常規洗髮水不同,它只能產生良好的泡沫

  1. Wet their coat thoroughly using warm water
  2. Apply a small amount of Herbal Shampoo Sensitive to their coat and gently massage down to the skin
  3. Add more Herbal Shampoo Sensitive as required
  4. Give them a really good overall massage to allow Herbal Shampoo Sensitive to nourish the skin
  5. Rinse coat thoroughly
  6. Repeat if necessary
  7. Dry them with a fresh towel

As with all shampoo and conditioners it is best to avoid getting Herbal Shampoo Sensitive into your pet’s eyes.

Please note: Herbal Shampoo Sensitive is a unique formulation which will only produce a fine lather unlike most conventional shampoo’s available

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