日本 Neo Wetty (無香味 可沖廁) 濕紙巾 70片×3包裝

日本 Neo Wetty 濕紙巾質料超薄同時堅固耐用,更含有消毒及抗菌成分,只要輕輕一拭即可擦去污垢並消毒,方便易用。

日本 Neo Wetty (無香味 可沖廁) 濕紙巾 70片×3包裝

  1. 質料超薄同時堅固耐用,更含有消毒及抗菌成分,只要輕輕一拭即可擦去污垢並消毒,方便易用
  2. 只要輕輕一拭即可擦去污垢並消毒,方便易用
  3. 更採用可食用材料,加上保濕力強可滋潤皮膚
  4. 適用於抹拭手腳、耳朵、口部等,即使擦拭完寵物舔手腳,主人都不怕寵物會食到有害物質或令皮膚乾燥

Japan Neo Wetty wet tissues

Slim material at the same time durable, but also contains disinfectant and antibacterial ingredients, as long as gently wipe the dirt can be erased and disinfected, easy to use. 

More use of edible materials, coupled with moisturizing power to nourish the skin, suitable for wiping hands and feet, ears, mouth, etc., even after wiping the pet licked hands and feet, the owner is not afraid of pets will eat harmful substances or make the skin dry. 




每片尺寸:14cm X 20cm

Product Specifications:

 Three bags per bag, 70 per pack

Each piece size: 14 cm X 20 cm

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產品名稱 日本 Neo Wetty (無香味 可沖廁) 濕紙巾 70片×3包裝
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