Nutri-Vet Nasty Habit 停吃便 神奇丸 60粒

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Nutri-Vet 停吃便神奇丸能制止狗狗吃糞便的壞習慣,阻止這種壞習慣變成理所當然。



Nutri-Vet Nasty Habit 停吃便 神奇丸

Nutri-Vet Nasty Habit Chewables


Nutri-Vet 停吃便神奇丸含有絲蘭、消化酶及辣椒油樹脂,前者 (絲蘭及消化酶) 能夠減輕糞便和尿液本身所散發的氣味,而後者 (辣椒油樹脂) 則會令排泄物散發一種刺激性氣味,讓狗狗不但不會被糞便本身的氣味所吸引,反而會令狗狗抗拒去接近。

Nutri-Vet Nasty Habit™ chewables for dogs contain a special combination of ingredients that imparts a bitter taste to feces to stop dogs from consuming their own feces.

Key Components - 

Yucca Schidigera helps to reduce odors arising from stools and urine to make them less appealing to a dog.

Thiamine is an amino acid, a deficiency of which has been shown to cause coprophagy in Beagles.

Cayenne Pepper imparts an “offensive” taste to the feces.

Glutamic acid makes stools taste very bitter to the dog when mixed with stomach acids.

Digestive enzymes help alter the taste and odor of stool.

Ingredients 成分

每粒 Nutri-Vet 停吃便神奇丸均含有以下成分:
絲蘭 - 200ml
卡宴 (Capiscum Annuum) 辣椒油樹脂 - 10mg
α-澱粉酶 - 150 USPu
荷蘭芹葉 - 200mg
谷氨酸 - 50mg
洋甘菊 (Chamomilla Recutita) - 50mg
硫胺素- 100微克


Active Ingredients per Chewable:
Yucca Schidigera – 200 mg
Cayenne Pepper – 10 mg
Alpha Amylase – 150 USPu
Parsley Leaf – 200 mg
Glutamic Acid – 50 mg
Chamomile – 50 mg
Thiamine – 100 mcg

Inactive ingredients:
Cellulose, Dextrose, Liver Meal, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid.

Directions for Use 使用方法

以體重每 20lb 計算,就需要服用 1 粒,每天 2 次。

One (1) tablet twice daily per 20 lbs body weight. Note: If your pet consumes the feces of another dog or cat, give that animal Nasty Habits.

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