Sun & Sun 消毒殺菌清潔劑 (BA 家居裝)1Galon

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Sun & Sun 消毒殺菌清潔劑備受各大寵物醫院及診所喜愛,成為寵物醫院及診所專用的消毒殺菌潔淨劑。



實驗證實 Sun & Sun 消毒殺菌清潔劑有效消滅過濾性病毒,如:破傷風桿菌、大腸桿菌、鏈球菌、金黃葡萄球菌、沙門氏桿菌、乙型肝炎及霉菌等,同時減低病毒在空氣中傳播,因此備受各大寵物醫院及診所喜愛,成為寵物醫院及診所專用的消毒殺菌潔淨劑。

Sun & Sun 消毒殺菌清潔劑具有消毒殺菌、清潔及除臭功能,有效消滅寵物及家居常見細菌及病毒,並能迅速消除寵物的異味、尿味及難聞氣味,保持室內環璄潔淨、清爽及無菌空間。

另外,Sun & Sun 消毒殺菌清潔劑獨有防敏感元素,不會對寵物及主人造成剌激,即使患有鼻敏感、支氧管炎或過敏者亦適用。

* 適合有 1 - 2 隻狗的家庭使用。

* 適合寵物年齡為1歲以下的家庭使用


Experiments confirmed that Sun & Sun disinfectant cleaning agents effectively eliminate the Filterability virus, such as: Tetanus bacillus, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Hepatitis B and mold, while reducing the spread of the virus in the air, therefore Favored by major pet hospitals and clinics, it has become a sterilizing and disinfecting sanitizer for pet hospitals and clinics.


Sun & Sun disinfectant disinfectant disinfectant, cleaning and deodorant function, the effective elimination of pets and household common bacteria and viruses, and pets can quickly eliminate the odor, urine and bad smell, keep indoor ring 璄 clean, fresh and Sterile space.


In addition, Sun & Sun disinfectant cleaner unique anti-sensitive elements, will not cause irritation to pets and owners, even if suffering from nasal allergies, or oxygenated bronchitis also apply.


* Suitable for families with 1 - 2 dogs.

Suitable for families with pets under 1 year old

* Please note: This product can not be used directly on pets!

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